Best CPA Review Course

Most candidates who are looking to pass the CPA exam are searching for the best CPA review course. Most candidates augment their CPA review course with supplemental CPA study material like CPA Army (considered the best)  and the Wiley Test Bank (most popular).

There are about 8 different CPA review companies to choose from which makes for a difficult choice. There is little information about which CPA companies have the biggest share of the market but it is widely thought that the largest CPA test prep providers are:



Roger CPA


Here are the metrics that I like to use when determining what is the best CPA review.

First of all, it is important to look at the cost of the CPA review. Each course can cost anywhere from $2000 to other courses which are offered free of charge.

Most candidates that are sitting for the CPA exam are freshly out of college with mounting student loans. The thought of springing a few thousand dollars for a CPA review when you haven’t even secured full time work is frightening for most people.

The next metric for determining which is the best CPA review is to look at the delivery method of the material. Some test prep providers provide information in giant textbooks that you have to lug around. Other test providers have put the material into interesting video lectures. Similarly,  you can find some CPA review courses that have an audio component which many people find helpful when driving in the car or exercising.

The final metric that is important to consider are the opinions of other CPA candidates. The materials are always and it’s best to read reviews and opinions of other CPA candidates in forums and by networking through Twitter and Linked In. Your fellow CPA candidates are always posting recommendations for how to pass the CPA exam on your first attempt.

These are the three most important criteria for determining the best CPA review course for your individual needs.